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“From Australia,Pure and Natural"

—— Australian Beechworth Honey Coming Soon


Honey has been the best substitute for sugar since ancient times, which is rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals. As recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica, honey has the functions of clearing heat, detoxify body and moistening dryness. Modern research has proved that honey can also resist bacteria, promote wound healing, invigorate intestines and stomach, and enhance immunity, and hence becomes the nourishing product favored by all people regardless of age and sex. But in recent years, the domestic honey market has showed chaotic and illegal phenomena.

      According to incomplete statistics and related information, domestic annual output of honey is 180,000 tons only, but the annual sales volume reaches 500,000 tons. Obviously the beekeepers become fewer, but the output and sales volume of honey in the market is increasing. This reflects that there are many fake honey products in the market. Many reports have revealed that honey products are mixed with fructose syrup, such mixed syrup made from fructose and glucose accounts for 85% -95% of honey dry matter (free of moisture) and cannot be identified by general testing equipment. Genuine honey is a nourishing product, but fake honey harms the health. It has become the urgent need of consumers to look for safe and pure natural honey.


      Australia becomes the world’s major honey production country for its warm climate, lush vegetation, pure and pollution-free environment. The temperature of 16-30℃ is suitable for the growth of bees; the humidity of 60 ~ 90% is suitable for the growth of honey source plants. Australia is famous for abundant vegetation resources, long sunshine time, plentiful rainwater, gentle breeze, long flowering phase and high honey output; the honey produced there is of excellent quality, which is translucent, delicious, pure and natural, free of pollution of heavy industry. The Australian government attaches great importance to the development of beekeeping industry, as early as in 1963 it established National Honey Authority and appointed full-time staff responsible for supervision and management of the beekeeping industry. In addition, the Australian government has specifically promulgated laws for the beekeeping to strictly prohibit the random application of pesticides and ensure mellow and natural honey.

      The honey series introduced to the Chinese market is mainly from the eucalyptus which is the only source of food for Australian koala. The eucalyptus honey has a special herbal taste similar to that of mint, which has long been used to prevent colds and headaches, and has a refreshing effect in the morning or during afternoon tea. The eucalyptus honey is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a strong aroma and unique taste. It can invigorate spleen, nourish skin, clear heat, dispel the effect of alcohol, enhance immunity, and even alleviate or cure the chronic poisoning of arsenic and mercury. Beechworth honey is free of additive, and becomes the best natural product to protect the health of family members.

Australian Beechworth Honey, pure and natural, is coming soon!